Thomas Telford School ‘Law Activity Day’

Date: Monday 10th July 2017

Feedback from Katharina Tozer from Thomas Telford School on their ‘Law Activity Day’

“As part of Thomas Telford School’s Careers and Activities Week and beside a busy week of work experience, outside visits and guest speakers we welcomed visits from the Criminal Group of St Ives Chambers in Birmingham. A Law Activity Day for Year 9 students and an Advocacy Workshop for 6.1 students were arranged for those who are interested in a career in Law, Criminology or Policing.

"We were very privileged to host three criminal barristers from St Ives Chambers to facilitate the workshops. Students enjoyed the opportunity to spend a day with the barristers to find more out about their career, develop advocacy skills and to explore more about litigation and the judicial system.

“For the Year 9, their day covered the working of the legal system in the UK, the role of the Crown Prosecution Service and the differences between Criminal and Civil Law, the format of a court and how advocacy works. This was all developed through fun exercises and looking at cases. The valuable skills learnt included how to question a witness in both chief and cross examinations and how to present strong opening and closing speeches.

"The session helped the students to build confidence in legal knowledge and skills, and therefore they were able to effectively act out a court case at the close of the day. Barrister Aadhithya Anbahan had planned and created excellent bespoke resources to support the students in developing their skills, and she and her colleagues provided excellent counsel throughout the day. The defendant was found to be ‘not guilty’.

“The Advocacy Workshop for the 6.1 students covered similar topics in greater depth, plus they each delivered a speech as a plea of mitigation for an infamous film character or historical figure. They also had the opportunity to consider additional valuable points they could add to their draft personal statements of their UCAS applications.

“The School will compete in a Bar Mock Trial competition in November, so this provided a perfect opportunity for students to consider if they would like to get involved with this. The students were certainly inspired by the activities of the day and the Criminal Group of St Ives Chambers has expressed their commitment to continuing their mentorship of the team for which the School is most grateful."

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