Careers & Pupillage

Third Six Applications

St Ives Chambers has a history of recruiting Third Six pupils, most recently in Crime.

We are not currently actively looking for Third Six applicants.

Equality and Diversity

St Ives Chambers is committed to the implementation and promotion of equality and diversity principles and equal opportunities. We recognise the importance of the Bar being seen to be fair and non-discriminatory and to be open to all, regardless of social, economic or educational background or circumstances. Underlying this policy is our intention that every individual should be accorded equal and fair opportunity and respect and be judged on merit and ability alone, free from judgments or treatment based on prejudice or assumptions of collective characteristics. Click here to view our Equality and Diversity Policy.

Equality and Diversity Officer: Mark Cooper

Deputy Equality and Diversity Officer: Justine Lattimer

Diversity Data Publication

The Bar Standards Board requires that a summary of the Diversity Data submitted by the members of Chambers and staff be published on our website every three years. Click here to view a summary of our 2015 data.

Click here to view our policy on the collection and use of Diversity Data

Data Collection Officer: Mark Cooper

Disability and Accessibility

St Ives Chambers premises are compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act and we are willing to make any reasonable adjustment you may need when visiting or contacting us.

Diversity at the Bar

St Ives Chambers is fully committed to diversity within all aspects of the Bar, whether you are a tenant, pupil, employee, judge, solicitor or anyone else involved with the work of the Bar. For example, Chambers is proud to support FreeBar, a network for everyone at the Bar who believes in quality for LGBT+ individuals. For more information, please email





"A Vibrant Set"

L500 2015

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