Areas of Expertise

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Head of Chambers

Jeremy Weston QC
(Year of Call 1991, Silk 2011)


Elizabeth Isaacs QC
(Year of Call 1998, Silk 2013
Joseph Giret QC
(Year of Call 1985, Silk 2010
Zafar Ali QC *
(Year of Call 1994, Silk 2012
Jane Crowley QC *
(Year of Call 1976, Silk 1998
James Tillyard QC *
(Year of Call 1978, Silk 2002
Charles Geekie QC *
(Year of Call 1985, Silk 2006


Ann Chavasse (Year of Call 1971)
Edward Coke* (Year of Call 1976)
Gwynn Price Rowlands (Year of Call 1985)
David Jackson (Year of Call 1986)
Teresa Thornhill* (Year of Call 1986)
Michael Singleton (Year of Call 1987)
Stuart Clarkson (Year of Call 1987)
Catherine Preen (Year of Call 1988)
Helen Swaffield (Year of Call 1988)
Julie Slater (Year of Call 1988)
Jayne Mullen (Year of Call 1989)
Nicholas Starks (Year of Call 1989)
Matthew Haynes (Year of Call 1991)
Justine Lattimer (Year of Call 1992)
Gregory Rogers (Year of Call 1992)
Tracy Lakin (Year of Call 1993)
Michael Lohmus (Year of Call 2005)
Lucy Hawkins (Year of Call 1994)
Jason Pegg (Year of Call 1994)
Peter Cooper (Year of Call 1996)
Judith Trustman (Year of Call 1996)
Sarah Pritchard* (Year of Call 1997)
Alexander Jacobs* (Year of Call 1997)
Tony Watkin (Year of Call 1998)
Kirstie Danton (Year of Call 1999)
Scott Coughtrie MBE (Year of Call 2000)
Mark Jones (Year of Call 2000)
Karamjit Singh (Year of Call 2000)
Nina Bache (Year of Call 2001)
Roger Thomas (Year of Call 2001)
Michelle Brown (Year of Call 1992)
Claire Baker (Year of Call 2001)
Andrew Day (Year of Call 2003)
Timothy Bowe (Year of Call 2003)
Kevin Saunders (Year of Call 2003)
Matthew Maynard (Year of Call 2003)
Rebecca Wade (Year of Call 2003)
David Payne (Year of Call 2003)
Andrew Molloy (Year of Call 2004)
James Picken (Year of Call 2004)
Michelle Caney (Year of Call 2004)
Amy Jacobs (Year of Call 2005)
Claire Briggs (Year of Call 2005)
Gareth Cheetham (Year of Call 2005)
Anya Newman (Year of Call 2007)
Dympna Howells (Year of Call 2009)
Adem Muzaffer (Year of Call 2007)
Charmian Jackson (Year of Call 2007)
Tom Lawal (Year of Call 2008)
Marcus Harry (Year of Call 2008)
Sarah Fahy (Year of Call 2009)
Julia Bond (Year of Call 2010)
Carol Binnion (Year of Call 2010)
Annabel Hamilton (Year of Call 2009)
Ian Windridge (Year of Call )
Mark Cooper (Year of Call 2009)
Justin Jarmola (Year of Call 2009)
Gemma Bowes (Year of Call 2009)
Jason Hadden MBE (Year of Call 2011)
Amy Jackson (Year of Call 2009)
Aimee Fox (Year of Call 2007)
David  Nuttall (Year of Call 2010)
Matthew  Fiddy (Year of Call 2011)
William  Douglas-Jones (Year of Call 2011)
Tom Harrill (Year of Call 2013)
James Byrne (Year of Call 2012)
Anthony Cartin (Year of Call 2010)
Maximilian  Velarde (Year of Call 2013)
Aadhithya Anbahan (Year of Call 2015)
Elisabeth Richards (Year of Call 2016)
Jane Talbot (Plant) (Year of Call 2016)
Angela Houston* (Year of Call 2017)


Lucinda Wilmott-Lascelles

Alexander Pritchard-Jones

Michaela Dowe-Stephenson

Eleanor Mackereth

*denotes door tenant


‘Efficient, personable and first-class service'

Legal 500 2014

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