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Human Rights and Public Law

Mark Jones


Clerk Enquiries:


(Year of Call 2000)

Joined Chambers: 2007


LL.B (Hons)

LL.M (International Human Rights Law)


Mark is Head of the Human Rights and Public Law Team and has a human rights practice with both a national and an international dimension. Mark is a passionate advocate willing to go the extra mile for his client. Domestically, he has an interest and expertise in human rights issues vis-a-vis asylum and immigration, prisoners rights, claims against police and public authorities, inquests, extradition and criminal justice. He is experienced in providing advice and representation in bringing claims under the Human Rights Act and Judicial Review proceedings in the Administrative Court. Internationally, Mark has worked as both a consultant and represented individuals in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights and the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights. He has also advised NGOs on proceedings before the UN Human Rights Committees and drafted amicus curiae representations to the US Supreme Court.

Prison Law Mark undertakes work in respect of parole hearings, prison adjudications, and representations regarding recall, categorisation, and allocation. He has experience in conducting proceedings in the Administrative Court. He also offers advice on issues such as access to prisoners, drug testing, health care, disability rights and prison conditions. As a consultant within foreign jurisdictions he has trained prison officials, the Ombudsman office and persons' responsible for observing detention facilities on the ECHR, the European Prison Rules and CPT Standards.

Claims Against the Police and Public Authorities Mark is experienced in offering advice and representation on claims including assault, false imprisonment, trespass to land and goods, and misfeasance in a public office. He is particularly interested in claims relating to all forms of discrimination and is well-acquainted with the recently introduced Equality Act 2010.

Inquests Mark has an interest in inquest law, in particular cases where the deceased has died whilst in detention or during military service. Mark previously assisted Inquest Lawyers Group with the case of R (Smith) v Oxfordshire Deputy Coroner (EHRC Intervening) [2010] UKSC 29. He would therefore wish to develop his expertise in respect of positive, procedural obligations arising in respect of Article 2 ECHR.

Immigration and Asylum Mark is experienced in advising on asylum, human rights act claims, visa appeals relating to spouses, workers and students, business immigration, the rights of EEA nationals, and nationality law issues. In addition to First-Tier cases, he also appears regularly in the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) and in proceedings before the Administrative Court. He has experience in submitting Rule 39 Interim Measures application to the ECtHR. By virtue of the other areas of his practice he also advises on quasi-immigration matters relating to civil claims, liability for employing illegal workers and immigration-related criminal offences.

Extradition Mark is interested in developing his expertise in this area of law.

Further Information:

Mark acts as a Human Rights and Rule of Law Consultant to International Organisations, Individuals and NGOs. He has experience working in over 15 countries throughout Eastern Europe, Balkans, Russian Federation, Central Asia, South Caucasus, Turkey and Southern Asia. His areas of expertise include:

  1. Preparation, presentation and evaluation of human rights training materials for Supreme Court and Constitutional Court judges, prosecutors, defence lawyers, police, prison officials, ombudsman office, government officials and NGOs.
  2. Advice on legislation - both in the UK and foreign jurisdictions - in the areas of crime, prisoners' rights, police actions, public law, extradition and immigration law vis-a-vis compatibility with international human rights' norms.
  3. Access to Justice: advise and preparation of judicial and advocates training curricula; legal aid; procedural codes.
  4. Human-rights needs assessments; drafting in-country human rights reports.
  5. Advise on thematic issues: e.g. fair trial; free speech/freedom of assembly, association; terrorism; women's rights/gender; childrens' rights; torture/inhuman treatment; police; prisons; death penalty; minority rights/discrimination; human rights and Islam; international criminal law and humanitarian law etc.
  6. Trial observation; monitoring detention facilities.
  7. Advice and representation in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights; UN human rights committees.


Human Rights Lawyers' Association

Police Actions Lawyers' Group

Inquest Lawyers' Group

Association of Prison Lawyers

Prisoners' Legal Rights Group

Howard League for Penal Reform



International Criminal Bar Association


Human Rights Expert / Consultant to UN, Council of Europe and OSCE

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