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Family - Children

Judith Trustman


Clerk Enquiries:


(Year of Call 1996)

Joined Chambers: 2015


LLB (Hons)


Judith practises primarily in the field of public law care proceedings. She also regularly appears in private law cases where the children are represented by a Guardian, where a S37 report is involved, or where expert evidence is likely to be required by the court or there are unusual features to the case. Judith has a particular interest in private law cases where there is a dispute about religious upbringing.

Judith has an established practice covering a broad spectrum of public law care cases involving physical and emotional abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. In care proceedings she undertakes work for children through their Children's Guardian, parents, grandparents, special guardians and other relatives. Judith has been involved in cases with the following particular features:
•physical injury including fractures and bruising
•head injuries
•enduring mental illness
•management of chronic serious illness in children
•disputes relating to religious upbringing
•adolescent children who are separately represented from the Guardian
•clients with significant learning disabilities
•disability in parents and children
•sexual abuse
•special guardianship

Judith has strong client-care skills and tries to bring to her practice empathy and compassion that will reassure the client. She recognizes that the litigation process is distressing and stressful and will work very hard to ensure that the client feels confident and will take extra care of clients for whom the litigation process presents a particular challenge, or who are particularly anxious at court.

In addition to her representation of parents, Judith also has extensive experience representing Guardians and Local Authorities. With professional clients Judith will take great care to ensure that both the letter and the spirit of her instructions is conveyed, adapting her skills to the tenor of the instructions. Judith will provide prompt advice throughout the course of proceedings and likes to keep a close involvement with her cases between hearings.

Judith employs an objective approach to negotiations, and always endeavours to lead negotiations towards an effective outcome. She makes every effort to ensure that clients are empowered by a good understanding of their situation within the legal process. Judith is regarded as a skilled negotiator and is mindful of the need to narrow the issues for the court, avoiding unnecessary litigation.

Notable Cases:

MEDICAL TREATMENT: Re TM (Medical Treatment) [2013] EWHC 4103 (Fam) (Family Division, Holman J, 17 December 2013)

S (A Child), Re [2013] EW Misc 2 (CC), 20 March 2013

BCC v FZ, AZ, HZ and TVP [2012] EWHC 1154 (Fam), [2013] 1 FLR 974, FD, Eleanor King J, 3 April 2012

London Borough of H and M and Anor [2006] EWHC 1907 (Fam) 27 July 2006

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