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Scott Coughtrie MBE


Clerk Enquiries:


(Year of Call 2000)

Joined Chambers: 2000


LLB (Hons)

Cps Advocate Panel -  Level 4

Cps Advocate Rape Panel List

Cps Serious Crime Group Level 3

Cps Fraud Group Level 2


Scott Coughtrie MBE is currently St Ives Chambers Head of the Criminal Practice Group. He both prosecutes and defends offences of the most serious and grave nature within the Crown Court and Court of Appeal. In recent years he has defended a number of high profile cases, which involved offences of Murder, Fraud, serious Sexual Offences, Human trafficking, grave Violent offences, Identity fraud, Proceeds of Crime, Firearm offences and Drug importation matters.

His very high professional standards are based upon a personal ethos of always pursuing excellence. His reputation is clearly demonstrated by the very high level of preparation and attention to detail in all his cases.


Legal 500 2016: "Fearless in court, incredibly hardworking and unfazed by unexpected challenges."

Notable Cases:

Defence Counsel (being Lead by Joseph Giret QC) where the client had been charged with murder of his wife by strangulation. The defence raised was one of ‘loss of control’ a particularly complex and difficult argument which required thorough analysis of complicated medical and mental health evidence.

Defence Counsel in a very large sex trafficking ring in Shrewsbury (Telford). Multi-handed cases with nine co-defendants involving a five-month trial. His Counsel dramatically reduced the potential charges facing the client from originally very grave matters of child rape, child trafficking and child prostitution due to the efficiency and determined approach.

Defence Counsel where the client was accused of historical rape within his family group. Successfully acquitted after trial.

Prosecution Counsel involved in a large drugs importation case involving 100kg of heroin. As special (paneled) Counsel for the Organised Serious Crime Agency this cases involved liaison with multiple agencies from the UK and Abroad in bringing this prosecution.

Prosecution Counsel in a multi-handed rape case, which involved the gang rape of a teenage victim to successful convictions. The interesting issue was the use of dating sites to groom the victim into accepting the offenders chosen sexual ambush location.

Defence Counsel involved in a very large Drugs conspiracy / Importation case involving the use of the Dark-Web as a ‘secure’ drugs purchasing Internet platform. Analysis of the Silk Road 1 and 2 (TORs) data material supplied by the FBI formed part of the case against the client. The complexities and vast amounts of material were staggering and meant a concerted effort of herculean nature was required to master the facts and special nuances particular to internet drugs offences.

Defence Counsel in a multi-handed possession of firearms and sexual assault case upon a male victim. The potential consequences for the client could be estimated at 15+ years if convicted. During tenacious, lengthy and effective cross-examination of the primary witness he eventually accepted his flawed evidence. The creditability of the witness was significantly damaged he was considered unreliable. Consequently, the Crown decided to proceed no further with this very serious matter.

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