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Justin Jarmola


Clerk Enquiries:


(Year of Call 2009)

Joined Chambers: 2010


The University of Manchester BA Hons Law with Politics

Manchester Metropolitan University BVC

CPS Advocate Panel - Level 3


Justin Jarmola specialises in Criminal Law. He is known for his forensic cross-examination style, persuasive speeches and his engaging manner with juries. He combines this with a meticulous knowledge of his cases, and ensures that he takes particular care in building a strong rapport with his lay clients.

He has appeared in numerous serious matters, developing a wealth of experience in cases of attempted murder, large scale drug conspiracy and supply, serious violence, sexual offences and fraud; together with the usual wide spectrum of general crime. Whilst the majority of Mr. Jarmola’s practice consists of representing Defendants, he also prosecutes a wide range of criminal offences involving drugs and serious violence, as a Level 3 Prosecutor.

Mr. Jarmola also enjoys a growing Regulatory practice, regularly receiving instructions to defend businesses and individuals in varied areas, including Consumer Protection, Unfair Commercial Practices, Counterfeit Goods, Food Safety, Health and Safety Act Offences and Environmental Offences.


Notable Cases:

 R v Khan & Ors. (2016)

Rape and Human Trafficking

Defence Junior. The client was first on the indictment accused of raping and having trafficked (for the purposes of sexual exploitation) six teenage complainants, in this eight-week multi-handed trial.  Defence of consent. Mixed verdicts.


R v Ishtiaq (2016)

Wounding (s.18)

Client accused of attacking a passenger in his own taxi before throwing him out onto the street and stamping on his head, causing numerous wounds. Complainant alleged that he knew the Defendant, as he was his regular taxi driver. Defence of alibi and mistaken identity. Acquitted.

Lichfield District Council v Cooper (2016)

Release of asbestos

Company and its Director charged with offences of releasing asbestos into a workplace, containing numerous employees. After significant correspondence with the Council, on the first day of trial the business entered a guilty plea and the proceedings against the Company Director were dismissed. Company fined.

R v Jassi (2016)

Possession with Intent to Supply Class ‘A’

Client pleaded guilty to supplying both diamorphine and ‘crack’ cocaine. Client received a suspended sentence of imprisonment, despite the Guideline intimating a starting point of 4½ years’ detention, due to significant personal mitigation.

R v AL (a minor) & Ors. (2016)

Wounding (s.18)

Client was first on the indictment in this two-week multi-handed trial. The Defence was particularly problematic, as the client had admitted to being the individual who must have stabbed the complainant during his caution interview. Issues of admissibility and abuse of process considered. Acquitted.

R v Ali & Ors. (2015)

Attempt Murder

Client was first on the indictment in this three-week multi-handed trial. The Defence of self-defence and defence of another, together with credibility of Prosecution witnesses. Significant legal argument regarding issues of evidential prejudice. Acquitted.

R v Sengar (2015)

Sexual Offences

Client accused of utilising his position as a local businessman, in order to sexually abuse six of his employees. Defence of bare denial. Mixed verdicts.

R v Edwards (2015)

GBH, Threats to Kill and Criminal Damage

Client accused of unlawfully entering his ex-partner’s property, committing GBH upon her and attempting to utilise the gas inflow to blow up the property. Defence of factual denial and the complainant’s lack of credibility. Acquitted.

R v Khan & Ors. (2015)

Wounding (s.18)

Client was second on the indictment in this three-week multi-handed trial, alleged to have committed a machete and baseball bat attack upon the complainant. Defence of alibi, together with the issue of the credibility of the two main Prosecution witnesses. Acquitted.

R v Johnson & Ors. (2015)

Conspiracy to Rob

Client was alleged to have been involved in the deliberate targeting of a National Logistics Delivery Company during this three-week multi-handed trial, in order to rob high value goods from delivery drivers’ vehicles (six figure sums). Significant legal argument over cell-site evidence and telecommunications attribution. Convicted.

R v Ali & Ors. (2014)

Violent Disorder

Defended one of the main protagonists facing allegations of serious street violence in this six-week multi-handed trial, which had resulted in the stabbing of one of the complainants. Identification issues and credibility of Prosecution witnesses heavily relied upon by the Defence. Acquitted.

R v McKenzie (2014)

Dangerous Driving

Client was alleged to have attempted to run over two Police Officers, and then driven off with one Police Officer hanging out of his driver’s window. Defence of Police having fabricated their evidence. Acquitted.

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